Reflecting on my Break from Reality

My day job has a “use it or lose it” policy when it comes to end-of-the-year vacation time. At the end of the year, any unused vacation time just expires. Thus, between my unused vacation time and the holidays, I found myself with almost two weeks off for Christmas. So, I gave myself some much-needed … More Reflecting on my Break from Reality


Turbulent Week

It’s kind of funny how I have a specified writing time, and I can usually count on my brain to prepare itself for that time on its own. I may not think about my writing for the entire day, but during my hour and a half train ride, usually I focus purely on my writing … More Turbulent Week

White Noise

Anyone else do this? Whenever I’m working on my novel, or blog posts, or reading a book, or whatever in a place that isn’t 100% silent, I have my headphones on. But instead of listening to music, I have white noise coming through the speakers. I’ve found it to be the only way I can … More White Noise

On Criticism

Back when I thought I knew everything (see Arrogance blog), getting criticism from others was a dreadful experience. Heat would rise up in my chest, I would get defensive, I would use my best fast-talking techniques to get myself out of it. Normally, it would work, possibly because I could make a good case but … More On Criticism

Scheduling my life

I have a long-ass commute. Two hours, one way. Every day. Yeah. Honestly, it’s not as bad as it sounds. For one thing, I take the train, which may not save me much time but lets me far more productive than if I was driving. I can read and write on the train—in fact, the … More Scheduling my life