Turbulent Week

It’s kind of funny how I have a specified writing time, and I can usually count on my brain to prepare itself for that time on its own. I may not think about my writing for the entire day, but during my hour and a half train ride, usually I focus purely on my writing and can get some good progress in. But, for some reason, this week seems to have the opposite effect.

My mind has been drawing a blank.

Sure, writing about TSO earlier this week was easy as there’s so many good things to say. And, whenever it’s my turn to write a post in an RP, I’m ready with some stuff. But when it comes to this blog, or to my work-in-progress, I’m drawing a total blank. I find my mind looking for other ways to spend the train ride, as if it’s hiding from the challenge of creating a story. Normally, I welcome that challenge, and in a way, I still do. But this week, it’s felt like I had to put a great effort into getting anything done for it.

Is this how you’re supposed to write?

I think I know why. It’s been a turbulent week. Without getting into too much details, things have work have changed dramatically for me over the past two weeks. Suddenly, I found myself with a lot more responsibility and no one to rely on but myself. I know longer have a partner in crime, and instead everything falls to me. Strangely, this hasn’t (yet) resulted in me getting buried under work, but more of me campaigning for myself and demanding others’ time.

It’s a transition, and I am confident in my abilities to get through it. But that transition does not always have to be smooth.

Plus, when it comes to writing itself, I am working from an outline but not much of a plan. Often, I plan out sequences in advance, finding myself “feeling” the scene and typing away. I struggle to find that kind of drive right now.

And I haven’t been sleeping as well as I used to.

I view my writing time as time away from everything, but sometimes everything seeps into my writing time. I’m confident that it’ll pass soon once I get used to the changes in the office, but right now, every word feels a struggle.

How have you dealt with turbulent weeks? I’ve love to hear from you in the comments!


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