Vacations are never long enough

Just last week, I wrote a blog about coming back from a vacation from not only work, but also social media and blogging and the rest. I had closen to two weeks off from all of that stuff, and it was just what I needed to recharge the batteries. Strangely enough, however, I find myself … More Vacations are never long enough


Oh yes, I do so enjoy the Superb Smashing Brothers!

Incoming positively-charged rant about Smash. Prepare yourself. So, after much crying, sighing, deals with the devil, and so on, I managed to get myself a Gamecube adapter for Super Smash Bros for WiiU. And holy hell, this the way the game was meant to be played! The moment I picked up my wavebird, everything in … More Oh yes, I do so enjoy the Superb Smashing Brothers!

Turbulent Week

It’s kind of funny how I have a specified writing time, and I can usually count on my brain to prepare itself for that time on its own. I may not think about my writing for the entire day, but during my hour and a half train ride, usually I focus purely on my writing … More Turbulent Week