About Carmae

How far would you go for a friend?

Ryoma is a shy half-daemok who wants to be a part of human society. Carmae is a spirited princess who wants to survive the night. Their worlds collide in Carmae, a young adult fantasy novel about surviving a harsh world, making unexpected friendships, and learning that not everything is as it seems.

As a half-daemok, Ryoma has been forced out of society, with only his dragon for companionship. He works as a mercenary, but has to take dangerous jobs to survive. More often than not, these jobs end with Ryoma’s blade through a man’s heart. He longs to do something more respectable with his life, but has no idea how.

Princess Carmae is next in line for the throne of Kopia Kingdom, and no one is more upset by this than her stepmother. Carmae finds herself staring up the end of an assassin’s blade more times than she can count, and she realizes that, while she is hardly a damsel, an extra set of eyes can’t hurt.

After punching him in the face (he is part daemok), Carmae agrees to let Ryoma be her bodyguard. At first, this seems to be the answer to both of their problems. Unfortunately, this decision exposes a number of dark truths that could rip the kingdom apart. Not only is Carmae’s life on the line, but her friends’ lives as well.

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