Wisdom Teeth Update

I had every intention of actually updating this blog while I was in recovery from my Wisdom Teeth extraction. But, like everything else, I’ve underestimated how much pain I’d be in and how much the painkillers would knock me for a loop. Only one of the three teeth I had removed really hurts, but it’s … More Wisdom Teeth Update

White Noise

Anyone else do this? Whenever I’m working on my novel, or blog posts, or reading a book, or whatever in a place that isn’t 100% silent, I have my headphones on. But instead of listening to music, I have white noise coming through the speakers. I’ve found it to be the only way I can … More White Noise

Summer is here!

Well, kind of. :) Summer has always been my favorite time of year, even when I was young. Back when I was a wee lad, summer meant that I no longer had to go to that pesky school, and could finally spend my days playing video games like I always wanted. More than that, it … More Summer is here!

Love of Film

Back in college, when I was a wide-eyed freshmen who thought he was smarter than half of the people on the planet, I was recommended a film history course offered by a retiring professor. According to a coworker of mine in the college library, this professor was a brilliant man who will not only teach … More Love of Film