Caught up in my own little world

I’m not really a head-in-the-clouds type. I appreciate logical thinking and try to keep myself as grounded in reality as possible. I try to keep expectations within realistic boundaries and while I dream big, I try to keep at least one foot firmly in the real world.

But with that said, I’m a daydreamer.

Moreso when I was younger than now. When I’m alone, such as trying to fall asleep or in the middle of a long shower, I barely see the world around me. I immerse myself in my mind’s eye into the world I am thinking about. Often, that world is the one I’m trying to write. But when I was younger, I would also insert myself into the worlds of the inspiring television shows, video games, and books I fell in love with. It was fanfiction that I never wrote down, but it played a valuable part in developing my writing style and process.

I’m generally very good about saving those moments for when I’m not in the public eye. But not always.

I recall back in seventh grade, sitting in a history class. I forget the details of the class, but suffice to say, the lecture didn’t hold my attention. The teacher had a grandmotherly quality to her, which lent the class a warm and inviting air, encouraging discussion. But she also wrote all the notes on the chalkboard, allowing my mind to go on autopilot. Write down what’s on the board, thinking of something else.

At that time, I had been playing a Harry Potter video game—I forget which one. But the class didn’t hold my attention, so my mind wandered to the video game. I was stuck in some location, and in my mind, I was replaying the section of the game, looking for a solution.

Now, in the game, when charging up spells, Harry waves his wand above his head in a circular shape. My young mind thought that was really cool.

Of course, I was holding a pen to take notes. But in my mind’s eye, the pen seemed to be more like the wand than a writing utensil.

You know where this is going.

I didn’t actually spin the pen over my head dramatically, but I was twirling it in my seat. I was looking at the chalkboard, but not seeing the words. I was preparing to fight an enemy, swinging my wand and preparing a spell.

I only snapped out of it when the student next to me asked “What are you doing!?”

Are you a daydreamer? Have you ever done so in a public place, with embarrassing results?


Tell me what you think!

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