My Steering Wheel Thinks I’m a Fantastic Singer

I have a confession to make. I sing in the car.

There, I said it.

Yes, when driving really anywhere, if there’s a song on the radio that I know some of the words to (which unfortunately, is most of them), I will join right in. I have a knack for memorizing songs really easily and because of that, I am able to sing along with most songs that play. Even the ones I don’t like.

I just wish I could sing better. :-)

I’ve been called tone-death on a number of occasions, and I think it’s true. Despite being the sole trombone player in the high school marching band, I never really had much of an ear for music. For the most part, if someone is singing off-key, I can’t tell. If it’s really obvious, than maybe, but if it’s only a bit off, I really don’t notice.

Because of that, when driving and singing, I start to think to myself that maybe I am a good singer. After all, I’m tone-death and can’t tell who sings well and who doesn’t. Maybe my singing voice is beautiful, and I just have no idea. Wouldn’t that be something?

Then I catch myself singing in the car with my little brother who ever-so-kindly reminds me that my voice sucks.

But, sucky voice or not, I don’t think singing in the car is really about doing a good job. After all, only the steering wheel will hear you. It’s more about enjoying the music and having fun. There’s no judgments in the car, no one truly watching you. You can sing as loud and as poorly as you want, and no one will notice. It’s just you and the steering wheel.

And the steering wheel is the best audience you can have.

Do you sing in the car?


Tell me what you think!

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